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About pet insurance

With an estimated 6m dogs and 8m cats in the UK we are very much a nation of pet lovers.

But just like all animals, pets are not immune from illnesses or accidents. Almost 50% of UK pets will require medical treatment this year at an average cost of 220. The cost of unexpected veterinary bills can be hard to swallow and a simple accident or tummy upset can put a serious dent into a household’s monthly budget.

Including pet insurance as part of planning for a pet could save many owners from financial heartache. So many owners disregard pet insurance and see it as unnecessary until they receive their first large vet’s bill. No one can predict an accident or period of illness but it is best to be prepared before taking the pet on.

It is important for pet owners to investigate the different pet insurance policies on offer and not just be lured by the cheapest price. Cover can vary significantly between the different pet insurance providers. For many responsible pet owners, pet insurance is one of the many ways of caring for their pet.

For a fairly modest premium you can have your pets insured against the cost of veterinary treatment so that in the event of an accident, infection or serious disease you don't have to worry about the cost of the treatment. Pet insurance policies sometimes also pay a lump sum on the death of the animal under specific conditions.

Make sure that the Policy covers the on-going, long-term treatment of chronic conditions, and that your cover is guaranteed if you renew the Policy every year.
Some pet insurance policies exclude pets over specified age - check how this will affect your pet as it gets older.

Most Pet Insurance policies carry an "excess" which means that you have to pay a small sum towards the cost of any treatment claimed for under the policy.

Premiums will normally be paid monthly by direct debit to make paying and budgeting for your pet insurance easier.